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Dim 4 Sep - 18:08

This article is taken from the book " NOAH TO BARACK OBAMA"

For those who follow the evolution of the providential situation, the death of Mikhail Gorbachev cannot go unnoticed as it has just happened in Russia where the greatest politician of the XXth century was not entitled to national mourning.

Short biography of Mikhail Gorbachev -

Born on 2 March 1931, Mikhail Gorbachev gradually climbed the political ladder of the country. A member of the Communist Party since 1952, he became the last President of the USSR from 1985 to 1991. Gorbachev moved towards the end of the Cold War and launched a policy of liberalisation of the country, known as "perestroika" and "glasnost". His resignation as President of the USSR on 25 December 1991 completed the break-up of the communist bloc. Mikhail Gorbachev died on 30 August 2022 at the age of 91.

Gorbachev and the Cold War

In the aftermath of the Second World War, tensions suddenly rose between the US and the USSR. For 40 years, the threat of a Third World War loomed, but never visibly materialised, yet there were many political killings. This is the Cold War; a long conflict that lasted from 1946 to 1991. It pitted two irreconcilable systems against each other: liberal and democratic capitalism, led by the United States, and a communist system, often described as 'totalitarian', led by the USSR.

Many men paid with their lives, innocently, either because of their religious convictions, their ideology, their intelligence, suspicions of espionage or some of their demands. There was also a global stress.

The arrival of Gorbachev in power in 1985 helped to end this war, which was waged in the shadows, but with substantial casualties. In December 1989, in Malta, on Gorbachev's initiative, he and George Bush proclaimed the end of the Cold War. The two presidents pledged to reduce their nuclear arsenal. He promoted the return of press freedom in his country and ended the monopoly of the single party. Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for all his efforts to achieve lasting peace.

This proclamation put an end to the worldwide stress of a third world war that would have been more deadly than the first two. Some dictatorial leaders protected either by the USA or the USSR were let go and this brought the wind of democracy to their countries.
For the new generation, who have no idea what the Cold War was, they can follow the thread in this link Cold War : Guerre froide : causes, développement, dates... Résumé des événements (

Gorbachev and Divine Providence

In the eyes of God, Mikhail Gorbachev is counted among the most important figures of the twentieth century, for he unknowingly fulfilled the ultimate will of God before the proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The promise of the coming of the Kingdom was first made by Jesus Christ through his first words as we read in Mk 1:14-15 "After John was betrayed, Jesus went into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God. He said, 'The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel ».

During his physical life on earth, this call from Jesus was never heard. Instead, he was even crucified and the world is still waiting for that kingdom. Having said that all is fulfilled and not seeing its realisation on earth, believers think they are living it in the spiritual world forgetting that the key was left to St. Peter on earth as we can read: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" (Mt 16:19), and that it is also said somewhere "Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mt 6:10). In these days, evangelism should not only aim at preparing believers for the coming of the Lord, but rather at putting these words into practice for the establishment of God's providence on earth.

St. Paul, who understood that the kingdom of heaven should first be realised on earth, would give us the following description: "For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy through the Holy Spirit ». (Rom 14:17)
Righteousness, peace and joy are situations that we expect to experience here on earth. This is where the providential evolution of the world should culminate. Thus, if there is an ideology that thwarts this, putting man at the centre of providence instead of God, it can only be classified as evil. Such was communism, in which man is merely an instrument to further history.

Indeed, while the United States of America presented itself as the representative of liberalism, both political and economic, the USSR, for its part, castigated capitalism and advocated communism through the establishment of a classless society, in which the initiatives of the individual would be replaced by the interests of the people. To this end, he advocated dialectical materialism in which God no longer had a role to play in providence. Thus, he even fought against religion. Who can forget Karl Marx's famous philosophical dictum "religion is the opium of the people", which also became the slogan against religion and Christianity in general (see

The coming of Mikhail Gorbachev

So, the private life of a politician like Mikhail Gorbachev is none of our business, but we applaud what he has accomplished in his public life, which no one else could have done, when he was least expected. Hence his place as the second most important personality of the 20th century after the Moon couple. We must know that Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is the second personality of Humanity who came to re-launch the realisation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth after the call of Jesus, two thousand years ago.

For a whole century, the world was divided into two blocs: communism and capitalism, creating the cold war and the arms race. Nobody knew where this race would end. Both the communists and the capitalists already had plans to guard against and deal with World War III.

The only pastor, or prophet, who spent his whole life praying for the peaceful subjugation of the communist ideology, was Rev. Moon, supported by his wife Mrs. HAK JA HAN MOON. His struggle was active, with several anti-Marxist books and organisations. His only interest was to protect the world of his Father - God - from Marxist ideology and for communism to give way to the Kingdom of God on Earth as we read:

"Now it is essential that the democratic world, placed on the side of Heaven, subjugate the communist world by means of the ideology of the "Third Reformation". When this happens, these two worlds will unite to form the Kingdom of God on earth. (Divine Principle, 1974).

In 1982, the death of Brezhnev marked the beginning of the decline of communism. Mikhail Gorbachev, who succeeded him three years later, undertook a series of reforms, the most important of which for humanity was his speech of 2 July 1990, which marked the beginning of perestroika and the end of the Cold War and the primacy of the communist regime in the world. It was a liberation from global stress and marked the victory of the Moon couple's prophecy published in 1974, when it was still a delusion as we can read:
"The Principle will further triumph over God-denying Communist ideology and will wage the last ideological battle in history with a victory for the party of God" (Divine Principle, 1974).

Indeed, with the USSR facing a very great crisis, it was left with only two options; to start a war to veil its own crisis and plunge all humanity into chaos. The second option was to end the arms race in order to focus more on economic production.

During the Cold War, a statesman who moved towards another ideology risked his life. Thus, the second option was suicidal for the communist regime and its leader. Mikhail Gorbachev had to apply it at the risk of his life. The result was that the communist spirit broke up, the USSR was fragmented and the chains of the communist spirit were broken. This is one of the reasons why, to this day, his death is shunned by the communist leaders who are trying to recreate the hegemony that the USSR had by starting to attack Ukraine. Realizing this, other nations bordering RUSSIA began to join NATO to receive military support in case of an attack on Russia.

In 1988, Gorbachev made a speech at the UN, where he condemned the use of force in foreign policy and validated the freedom of choice of the people. New foundations were laid: the Soviet army would no longer intervene to protect the communist regimes in the various countries of Eastern Europe. The emancipation of the peoples under Soviet tutelage was launched and took an unexpected turn when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. This event led to the lifting of the Iron Curtain, the fall of the communist regimes in the East and the reunification of Germany.

As communism was no longer a threat, the United States also let go of the dictators it had been protecting because they had been the bulwarks against communism. The winds of democracy began to blow through the secular countries at the end of the 20th century, until they reached the Arab Spring at the beginning of the 21st century. Leaders such as Field Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko of the DRC, whose country was surrounded by communist-ruled nations, were unleashed and this also culminated in the release of Nelson Mandela, who was suspected of having communist links. This wind led to the establishment of Western democracy in single-rule and communist countries and this trend continues to this day.

Since society does not take into account those who solve the situation beforehand, Mikhail Gorbachev's saving grace is no longer relevant today. And yet, he is the hero who put his life on the line by issuing perestroika, which marked the end of the global threat of communism. So, universally, Mikhail Gorbachev is a hero.

Did Gorbachev betray his country so that he is hated by the majority of Russians? The story of Jacob in the Bible is also filled with many deceptions for those who do not know its spiritual dimension as revealed in the book of Divine Principle by Rev. Only by knowing the spiritual dimension of people who are born to advance God's providence on a global level such as Gorbachev or to hinder it such as Karl Mark or Hitler can one understand some of their actions.

By putting as a point of arrival the ideal that the person carrying a providential mission should reach sometimes in ignorance, and by knowing the spiritual dimension of this mission, that one can understand the path of the physical dimension of the acts made by this person.
In political matters, like King David, Mikhail Gorbachev could also be called a man after God's own heart if religious people today knew how to read the providential course. But they do not.

So the book from "Noah to Barack Obama" from which this article is taken closes with the explanation and proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by Mrs. HAK JA HAN MOON.

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