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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022


Ven 16 Sep - 13:10


- Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was invisible and empty: there was darkness on the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God moved over the waters. 3 God said, "Let there be light! And there was light... that was the first day. (Septuagint Version)

- Fossil radiation, or cosmic microwave background, is scientifically recognised as the first light in the universe. It is the fossil record of the decoupling of matter and radiation in the early universe. It appeared 380,000 years after the Big Bang and was discovered in 1964 by two American engineers.

What is the connection between the biblical phrase 'God said, Let there be light' and 'the light was'? And there was light' and 'fossil radiation'? Is it the same light? I believe that the answer to this question will leave no one indifferent, neither in the scientific world nor among theologians. And it is on the basis of this answer that the biblical scheme of creation will now have to be published as well founded.

This article is part of the Universal Cosmological Model. What I publish as part of the Universal Cosmological Model is neither sermons, nor biblical interpretations, nor concordisms. I explain the origin and evolution of the universe based on the biblical scheme of creation in cosmological, not theological, language.
The cosmological schemes that scientists offer us have many limitations. It is in the Bible, where the creation story is contained, that I discovered a complete scheme, although it was misunderstood because of the language that was used.
The author of the biblical diagram of creation, I am talking about the scribe who nibbled it out of the papyrus, not having our scientific notions, nevertheless described the origin of the universe using terms that could be understood in his time. For this author, it was not about science. He was telling the origin of the universe and its evolution to demonstrate the greatness of God. Now that physics has turned it into a science (cosmology), I have come to submit to them this scheme restored in the Universal Cosmological Model so that astrophysicists can validate it.
Until then, I am still focused on the events that took place in the pre-Big Bang as I discovered them in the biblical scheme of creation. For science, mathematical calculation has shown that this sphere never existed. The fact that I discovered this in the Bible is a great revolution and one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century, because from now on it will encourage scientists to push the limits of their reasoning.
For those who have not yet followed the thread of my publications in this forum, in our previous publications, I had developed the following themes which are very important to understand the biblical scheme of creation, namely:
- The biblical days were periods (Cfr: THE DAYS OF CREATION ARE PERIODS ( ;
- The difference between the spiritual heaven and the physical heaven or space in the verse "in the beginning God created the heaven". (cfr: WHAT DOES "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN" (I) ( ;
- The difference between the earth representing the universe and the earth representing our planet in the verse "in the beginning God created... the earth". (cfr: WHAT DOES "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED... THE EARTH" MEAN? ( ;
- The meaning of "the wind of God and moving on the waters" (cfr: What does "the spirit of God moved upon the waters" mean in cosmology? (, and the meaning of "the deep" in the verse "there was darkness in the surface of the deep".

Until then, scholarly attention had been focused on the origin of the biblical scheme of creation. It is for the first time, through the popularisation of the Universal Cosmological Model, that the public is actually being given the true explanation of the content of this scheme since it was discovered in papyrus.
As I said, today we are going to see again a very important point, which could even be in the news, because it will confirm that the pre-Big Bang was a real sphere (cfr THE PRE-BIG BANG WAS A REAL SPHERE ( and that the biblical scheme of creation is really a cosmological scheme and not only a theological one. Furthermore, it is through this publication that scientists and theologians will discover for the first time the physical origin of the fossil radiation or the first light of the universe as it is written: "God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light".
For non-cosmologists, I would like to point out that this first light has nothing to do with the light brought to us by the appearance of the Sun. Here we are discussing a light that appeared before the creation of all the stars, scientifically called fossil radiation and biblically called "Let there be light".
In the first cosmological account from antiquity, namely the biblical scheme of creation, we find that the first light appeared when "God said let there be light and there was light". Whereas science says that the first light appeared for some, or reappeared for others, after 380,000 years after the Big Bang. What is the link between the appearance of the first light of the universe on the first biblical day and the fossil radiation that is scientifically recognised as being the first light of the universe that appeared or reappeared 380,000 years after the Big Bang?
I know that before reading the following, the majority of those who read me have answered inwardly that there is no connection with one slogan, "the Bible is not a scientific book". But I ask them to read with objective judgment what follows and to put aside their erroneous consideration of the origin of the biblical scheme of creation as taught in universities and as transcribed in encyclopedias. The biblical scheme of creation was written by the greatest in the universe to date, namely Moses.
In the verse "God said let there be light and there was light", even if a fictional witness was there on the spot, he would never have seen God at work dictating the appearance of light. God being invisible, the fictitious witness would simply have seen a set of physical phenomena making light appear. This is why the English scientist Stephen in his book The Grand Design, published in 2010, argues that the Universe arose spontaneously and that only physics and its laws are at the origin of this phenomenon. The reason is that God is always a hero in the shadows and only those who believe in him could see his power in the accomplishment of an event.
Thus, even if in this publication we demonstrate the physical origin of this light in the verse "God said let there be light! and there was light", this does not exclude divine intervention in the shadows. Indeed, if the author of these writings, who for us is Moses, attributed this appearance by a divine word to God, it was to demonstrate that it was not a chance of nature or only a physical consequence, but that the process of the formation of the universe followed a divine plan. This is why the appearance of all the great ensembles was preceded by the words "God said, God was, God created".
According to our discoveries through the Bible, the Universe began in a vacuum (an invisible and empty earth). Now, in a perfect vacuum, when the agitation of the constituents of a body is zero, the temperature approaches absolute zero (-273.15°C) (Cfr:
Thus, if cold and darkness are part of the natural state of the Universe according to the Universal Cosmological Model (there was darkness in the surface of the abyss), but, for the heat generating light to appear, there must be a physical underpinning. This underpinning cannot be a magic word as Pope Francis said: "God is not a magician who simultaneously dictates the appearance of things", according to the Guardian. There has to be a stirring of the constituents of matter in a body for light to appear.
While it was the true physical basis for light to appear as written in the verse "God said, 'Let there be light'", it was not. And the light was ?
The key phenomena for the appearance of light begins with the first verse which states that "in the beginning God created... an invisible and empty earth" according to the Septuagint Bible. The earth representing a physical sphere, but the Bible tells us that this sphere was invisible, so that it was empty to a fictitious witness. This is the state of the universe at its beginning, which the Bible is the only one to give this description of, and which went unnoticed for centuries and centuries. In fact, an invisible thing is something that exists but cannot be seen so that it seems to be empty and non-existent. So, we were only in a universe filled with energy and particles.

Indeed, scientifically the vacuum in space has always been a quantum vacuum, that is, there is always the presence of energy and particles, virtual though they may be. Since these scientific terms were INEXISTENT at the time the biblical scheme of creation was written, the author of the biblical scheme of creation had to use the following words:
- Invisible and empty earth signifying the universe at its beginning; a sphere filled with invisible matter so that it appeared to be empty to a fictitious witness.
- The spirit, the breath, a wind from God signifying the energy of the void, a force that the author attributed to God. Scientific research is underway to determine this energy that binds the particles together.
- To move on the waters means that this breath, this wind, this spirit of God on the water was not static but dynamic, that is, in action. This covers all the phenomena that are part of quantum mechanics, which seeks to elucidate how matter arose from the vacuum and how it evolved from the virtual to the real.
- The waters that simply represented the particles (from virtual to real) or the invisible matter contained in an invisible earth (universe) that was empty to begin with. In ancient times, the terms "particles and matter" did not even exist. Hence the use of the word 'hydro' in the original Hebrew version, which the translators translated as waters. In the 18th century, Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier, (1743-1794), a French chemist considered the founder of modern chemistry, gave the name hydrogen, which means that which generates water, to the most abundant element in the universe, without knowing that he had just confirmed the Bible. It should also be noted that according to nucleosynthesis, hydrogen is the basis for the creation of all the elements and all matter.
The appearance of the first light

So, in the verse "a wind from God moved over the waters", we are in the process of the phenomena that took place in the pre-big bang period. This means that on the basis of the energy of the vacuum (a wind from God), all particles were in agitation.

In this particle-antiparticle interaction or fusion, there was annihilation and creation and this led to the formation of an axis where everything took place. This concentration compressed the universe into a kind of black hole called the "deep" in the Bible, as it is written "there was darkness in the face of the deep" ( ). In practice, the hottest areas in the Universe are those where matter is concentrated and highly agitated as it is written in the Bible "a wind from God moved over the waters", resulting in the cosmic deflation of the qualified matter of the waters in the Bible. As it became more confined, it caused the temperature to rise, generating the heat in the form of plasma that was the source of the first light of the Universe in the pre-Big Bang era described biblically in the verse "God said, 'Let there be light. And there was light".
If we link this verse, which was thought to be independent of the previous verses, it becomes "the earth being unseen and empty, the spirit of God moving over the waters... (there appeared) light". (Gen 1:1-3). Again, this discovery is made in the context of cosmology, which attempts to unravel the mysteries hidden in the biblical scheme of creation, which is the first cosmological scheme from the papyri.
Scientifically, the relationship between emptiness (invisible earth and void), God's spirit or God's wind (energy of the void) and waters (matter) and light (let there be light) are described as follows: "The peculiar love affair of matter (waters according to the Bible) and emptiness (invisible earth and void according to the Bible) offers us some surprising surprises. Matter, light and emptiness intermingle. Matter (water according to the Bible) is a product of ... emptiness (invisible and empty earth according to the Bible). Indeed, it emits photons (light: And there was light according to the Bible) which are particle/antiparticle pairs like the vacuum contains. Robert Paris
This quote from scientific observations and experiments is the best of all that I have found. First of all, it answers the question why on the first biblical day it was not written anywhere that God created the waters. Scientifically the answer was "Matter (waters according to the Bible) is a product of ... emptiness (invisible and empty earth according to the Bible). Furthermore, this quote also answers the question why light comes in third place in relation to the void and the waters and why all these three phenomena are linked in one day by the following sentences: "Matter (waters according to the Bible), light and void interpenetrate... matter (waters according to the Bible) emits photons (light: And there was light! according to the Bible) which are particle/antiparticle pairs contained in the void".
The universe continued its cycle of condensation, becoming so condensed that even light could not escape despite the heat that would have reigned at the time of Planck's time (1043 s after the big bang). It was then about 1.4.1032°C, or 140,000 billion billion billion degrees! (Cfr: ). 380,000 years after the big bang, the light (let there be light) was able to escape again and is known scientifically to this day as the fossil radiation or cosmic microwave background.
Proof that 'light is' is cosmic radiation

We have said that the fossil radiation is scientifically considered to be the first light of the Universe and currently bathes all of space. It appeared 380,000 years after the Big Bang and it is on the basis of this radiation that the age of the universe has been calculated with some accuracy. Several hypotheses have been put forward concerning its appearance and there is much talk of recombination, i.e. the universe was no longer extremely diluted after the Big Bang, so the photons could travel long distances. (Cfr: Definition | Recombination | Futura Sciences ( But this does not clearly explain the origin of this light.
The other proofs also do not hold up when we know that the expansion of the universe takes place at a speed greater than that of light and that this should mark a shift in space between the expansion of the universe and the fossil radiation. However, the fossil radiation in the universe appears to be homogeneous on a large scale in all directions.
In order for the cosmos to look the same at all points, some form of interaction must have taken place between the distant regions of space so that their properties have become homogenised. This could only be possible if the fossil radiation was already present in the condensed universe (pre-Big Bang remnant) and, where all the extremes met and could benefit from the same temperature.
This hypothesis supports my prediction that the cosmic microwave background appeared as the universe was condensing and heating up in the pre-big-bang period and also justifies why these properties are part of the nature of the universe in the post-big-bang period.

There are also several hypotheses from great cosmologists such as the British scientist Roger Penrose (Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020) who claim that the Fossil Ray is a remnant of the Pre-Big Bang. But I am the first to predict its origin from the Bible (Let there be light!). So, the link between the two lights, biblical and scientific, and their origin are personal discoveries, and whenever we see the image of the cosmic microwave background, we can say that it is the image of the light described in the Bible "Let there be light!
There is much more to be said about this light that will lead us to solve the great enigmas that we currently see in the Universe.


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- Flavien PHANZU MWAKA, Cosmology according to biblical and ancient models, ed. Librinova, Paris 2021.

Other sources :

- the field of the Universal Cosmological Model:

-Before Big bang - After Big bang :

-Mysteries of the universe before big-bang gamma radiation

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