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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022


Lun 10 Juil - 12:47
The Universal Cosmological Model

With the development of science, language has evolved a lot. Certain terms used in the Bible are understood in a different meaning from what their authors intended to express. Some stories are part of science and deserve to be studied by scientists. But the language used in antiquity does not allow them to advance in their research. The story that has caught our attention much more and that has always been the subject of debate between scientists and religious people is the biblical diagram of creation. My research has been to restore this story in its true language. What I discovered surprised me. Many think that I develop my ideas when they are discoveries that I made by studying in depth with the vision of a cosmologist, the biblical diagram of creation.

Why with the vision of a cosmologist and not of a theologian? Because cosmology is defined as the branch of science that studies the origins, structures and evolution of the Universe. However, the biblical scheme of creation is part of the first structured cosmological scheme. Until then, it has been understood only as a faith-based narrative to make us realize that it is God who is the Creator of the Universe. However, like most of the ancient diagrams, this diagram also hid a great treasure which is the sphere of the Before big-bang which the scientists tell us never existed. I too never knew such a thing could exist. When I discovered its evolution in the biblical scheme of creation, I myself couldn't believe it.

I knew that the day I start to publish these findings, I will have problems with the religious who are often conservative and the scientists. For scientists, the biblical pattern of creation is just a fairy tale and nothing real can be proven inside it. It is these discoveries which are part of the Universal Cosmological Model and which have even been criticized on several occasions in this forum. All that I publish so far in this forum are part of the excerpts of this Model.

Pastor Henry PHANZU KIPA asked me a question: “There are several cosmological models. What does the Universal Cosmological Model bring to theology and science since it combines the two disciplines? The answer to this question took me too many pages that I saw fit to make a publication that calls for the revision of the translations of the Bible versions.
Let us first see the contribution of the Universal Cosmological Model in theology.


Until then, no one had known that "in the beginning God created heaven and earth" (Gen 1:1) meant that "in the beginning God created the spiritual world and the physical world or universe". Therefore, all books that have commented on this first verse should be reviewed by their authors. Traditional Christian publishers refuse to publish my books, but they are ignorant that those they have published whose authors are theological researchers, are only falsehoods.

In the seventieth version of the Bible, in the first two verses of Genesis, it is written that “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth; the earth was invisible and empty”. This translation was the first biblical translation that was made from Hebrew into Greek by the Jews themselves who knew their language better. It was made in 270 AD by 70 Jews. That's why it's called the Seventy Bible. This is the first Bible version that was translated from Hebrew into Greek.

And I told you that in this translation, he writes “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth; the earth was invisible and empty”. Invisible means something that exists that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is a gas whose form cannot be attributed to it. This was the state of the Universe at the beginning according to the Bible.

The other translators who came after, not knowing cosmology, they started by asking the question how an earth can be invisible and empty? they were ignorant because they did not know that Moses was not talking about the planet Earth but they were talking about the Universe. So these translators, not understanding what "an invisible and empty earth" means, started by putting their comments.

- Thus, in the Louis Segond Bible, which is used by Protestants and the majority of Christians, it is written “the earth was formless and empty” instead of “the earth was invisible and empty” as in the original version. Working on this version, I had great difficulty in arriving at the deduction that a shapeless thing is something that cannot be seen and therefore cannot be given a form. It was only after the publication of my book that I discovered the true version which confirmed it to me, namely the Bible version Septuagint.

- In the Jerusalem Bible which is used by Catholics all over the world, it is written “the earth was empty and vague”. Wave in this context means without precision of shape. Now, the planet form has always had a form. Again, the translators used these attributes because they did not understand how a land could be invisible and empty according to the original version. They were unaware that the author of this diagram was talking about the Universe at its beginning.

- In the Bible of Jehovah's Witnesses or "New World", those who think that they know the Bible better than all Christians, have fallen into the same errors. Instead of "the earth was invisible and empty", they wrote The earth "was formless and desert" believing that Moses was talking about the planet earth, but Moses was talking about the beginning of the Universe. It was on the third biblical day that Moses spoke of planet Earth, which has a very specific shape.
- In the King James version of the Bible which is used today by the majority of English-speaking Christians, it is written "the earth was without form and void". Any visible thing, even deformed, has a form. Again, the translators did not understand what "the earth was invisible and empty" means as it is written in the original version.

- Some translations spoke of voids, hustle and bustle instead of invisible and empty.
If we continue to quote the translations of all the versions, we will notice that there is no version that took up the original translation made by the Jews themselves in the year 270 after Jesus Christ, namely "the earth was invisible and empty”. The word universe did not exist at the time, the author of the biblical diagram of creation wanted to make a difference between the planet Earth which will arise on the third day compared to the earth of which he speaks on the first day which meant the Universe.

Myself to understand that the translation "an invisible and empty earth" meant the beginning of the Universe, I had to be able to have the basic notions of cosmology. This is what the translators did not have. They were based only like the theologians today on the etymologies of the words and not on the contents as do the cosmologists.

So, in these days, all Bible translations without exception have fallen into error in trying to interpret what "the earth was invisible and empty" means as in the original version which is contained in the Septuagint version of the Bible.

With the assistance of the Universal Cosmological Model, all Bible translations in the world must be revised and return to the original version, namely "In the beginning God heaven and earth, the earth was invisible and empty". So here, Moses was not talking about planet earth, but he was talking about the beginning of the Universe which was only an empty sphere at the start. This is the great revolution that the Universal Cosmological Model has brought to theology.

Let us now return to other theological publications such as the books of Bible commentaries. Books commenting on the Bible are legion in bookstores. All of these authors, having worked from the Bibles that have been published, developed errors that the translators made in the first two verses of Genesis. So all these biblical commentaries must also be revised.

Ultimately it is all the books that are published these days commenting on the first two verses of Genesis that need to be revised. None of these authors knew the meaning of what means "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was invisible and empty". It simply means that in the beginning "God created the spiritual world and the physical world or the universe", but this universe was still empty so that it seemed to be invisible to a fictitious witness. This is simply because the particles inside, which the Bible called waters in the phrase “a wind of God swirled over the waters” were invisible to the naked eye. Besides, Moses spoke of hydro, which does not necessarily mean running water.

In cosmology

Now let's go scientifically to see what the Universal Cosmological Model contributes.

Compared to scientific books dealing with cosmology, the Bible is the only one that has brought out how the universe was in the beginning. Other scientific books dealing with cosmology talk about the Big Bang as the beginning of the Universe, that is, the Universe started as a seed which the scientist themselves call the condensed universe and which then expanded.

But the Bible authoritatively corrects them by saying: before we come to or reach the "condensed universe", at the start, there was only the void assorted by the verse "the earth was invisible and empty" .

Since the bible speaks of the situation going from the vacuum to the condensed Universe, scientists and the whole world will now know that the sphere of the Before Big Bang did indeed exist even if before the calculations of the scientists did not allow them to access this sphere by limiting themselves to the Wall of Planck.

Indeed, for those who do not understand what this limit means, the mathematical calculations to arrive at the origins of the Universe were limited to 10-43 seconds. Beyond that, the laws of physics no longer respond. It is this limit that has been called the Planck Wall before reaching the crucial point of the Big Bang. So even the precise details of the Big Bang or the "parting of the waters from the waters" according to the Bible, remain unknown to scientists.

This is why astrophysicists say that time and space or the Universe began with the Big Bang. Some astrophysicists, Nobel Prize winners, have even said that the Universe never had beginnings or that there were several cycles of beginnings.

I am the only researcher who has gone to question the Bible and this Bible has revealed to me part of its truth. The Bible does not reveal everything at the risk of becoming an ordinary book. But at least, with the Bible, we discover that the Universe had a beginning and that even there was the sphere of the Before Big-bang.

In this truth which we have discovered in the Bible and which today constitutes the Universal Cosmological Model, we learn this:

- “In the beginning God created heaven and earth, but the earth was invisible and empty”. This means that in the beginning God created the Spiritual World and the Physical World or the Universe; but this universe was still empty.

- The Bible continues "there was darkness in the surface of the deep and the spirit of God moved over the waters". This means that this empty universe was only a dark chasm and in this void there was an energy or a force called "spirit of God or wind of God" which exerted on the particles that the biblical author called waters.

- After came the verse "God said let there be light and there was light!" ". By this, we discover that before the Big Bang was also a dynamic sphere, contradicting the scientists who said that this sphere had not existed.

How physically did this light appear?

While "a spirit of God was whirling on the waters" (Bible version Jerusalem) which scientifically means that there was a force which was exerted on the particles, these ended up being condensed. But according to the law of thermodynamics, during the condensation the temperature only increased until there was a great heat causing the light to appear. Hence the verse “God said let there be light and there was light!” ". The author of this diagram by invoking the phrase "God said", he meant that it was part of the divine plan, but the processes of this appearance of light were physical.

Scientifically this is proven, because scientists tell us that the temperature of the condensed universe was billions and billions of degrees. Science is there to confirm the scientific verses contained in the Bible. It's not about concordism. This appearance of light to the condensed universe marked the end of the first day or the end of the pre-Big Bang period.
And, the second day begins with the phrase “God said: let us separate the waters from the waters” which scientifically meant “let us now separate this condensed universe”. Then we are told that "God divided the waters from the waters" (Gen 1:7) which is known scientifically today as the "Big Bang".

This is the revolution that the Universal Cosmological Model has just brought to science and theology, by answering the question of Pastor Phanzu Kipa HENRY of Praise Church who wanted to know the contribution of the Universal Cosmological Model to these two disciplines. By this, everyone discovers that the Universal Cosmological Model is not a copy of any scientific model, but rather complements it.

I ask astronomers who follow me or who read me to be objective in their judgment. Often my publications are rejected in scientific journals and scientific editions because there are no quotes from Albert Einstein and other great scientists.

Me, I am the first to discover the sphere of the Before Big-bang in the writings coming from antiquity even if it is contained in the Bible and I bring it to the face of the world. Why do you want me to do research on the writings of other researchers who know nothing about the big bang before? It's up to you astrophysicists to research my writings to see if it doesn't respond to observations and experiments. And, it is also up to you to discover the scientific processes contained in the biblical scheme of "an empty universe" until we have arrived at the big bang that the bible calls the "parting of the waters from water ".

After my first publication in 2020, I discovered that the Italian Physicist Gabriele Veneziano had developed the processes from an empty Universe to the Big Bang, except that he did not mention the appearance of light (Let there be light and there was light!) while there was a collapse and condensation of the particles.

We said in our book "Before the big bang in the light" that even this biblical light to which it is said "God said let there be light and there was light!" was discovered by telescopes and is nowadays called "cosmetic radiation".

Indeed, after its appearance during the period of contraction and the collapse of the particles in the before Big-bang qualified by the biblical phrase "the spirit of God moved on the waters", the condensation at the extreme of the universe no longer allowed this light to escape. It will not be again until 380,000 years after the big bang and science has called it fossil radiation.

Since to these days no source demonstrates where this radiation comes from, it is called the “Cosmic Microwave Fund”. Diffuse; because it does not come from one or more localized sources, and from cosmological because, according to the interpretation that one makes of it, it is present in all the Universe.
I am the first through the Universal Cosmological Model to predict this source of fossil radiation.
Compared to other radiation, the cosmic microwave background diffuses electromagnetic radiation, while other cosmic radiation consists of atomic nuclei and high-energy particles, as they originated after the Big Bang.

This small distinction between the rays emitted by the fossil radiation and the other radiations demonstrates that the before Big-bang was real as described in the Bible and it was an energetic sphere. This destroys all theories talking about cyclic universes or that our universe originated from other universes or originated from a collapsed star.

With all these relevant inferences, scientists want me to give them references or turn what I say into a formula. These deductions, drawn on the basis of observations, come from me. It is up to the scientists to amend or reject them. But as soon as they see the word Bible, they refuse to look at it, and when believers see the word cosmology, they do the same. And, all of my great discoveries about the biblical pattern of creation are still floating around in the air.
Through all that has just been said, we understand that the biblical diagram of creation restored in the Universal Cosmological Model is more complete than all the models that scientists have proposed to us so far. This scheme should now become the goal to be achieved by astrophysicists.

As long as we have not yet reached the limits fixed by the Bible with regard to the beginning of the Universe qualified biblically as an "invisible and empty earth" and the end of evolution qualified by the verse "God created woman from the rib of man”, the cosmological models will still remain incomplete. Only the Universal Cosmological Model as developed in the various publications can help astrophysicists to solve these enigmas.

The Universal Cosmological Model is not a model based on faith, but on reason. We physically explain where possible, the mysteries that were hidden in the sayings "God said, God was, God created" and, God is not against that, because that is what demonstrates his Perfection in the domains scientists.

To quote an excerpt:
PHANZU, flavien: the field of the Universal Cosmological Model, ed. Lubrinova, Paris, 2020

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