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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022

The biblical scheme of creation finally deciphered Empty The biblical scheme of creation finally deciphered

Ven 8 Juil - 20:06
The Vatican has always been an ardent defender of the biblical scheme of creation. However, the diagram has remained in its box since it was written 1500 years ago according to the biblical chronology linked to the life of Moses, to whom the writings in Genesis are attributed. People forget that this scheme was discovered in papyrus even though we read it day by day as if it were written yesterday. The fact that we added the conjunctions and articles or even translated it does not mean that we have deciphered the message inside. This pattern is the first cosmological model attributed to the one we believers consider to be the Creator of the Universe, namely God, Our Heavenly Parent.
In God, there is only truth. If there are verses that we do not understand in depth in this scheme, relegating it even to cosmogony, the problem is not the scheme, but our understanding or interpretation, said St Thomas Aquinas.
While this pattern is part of the architecture of the Universe, or how the Universe was built, until now it has only been analysed in a theological way. Since astrophysicists have taken a monopoly on being the masters of telling us how the Universe was created, the biblical scheme of creation has been relegated to cosmogony, i.e. ancient tales that are part of the essays on the formation of the Universe. It is therefore understandable why this scheme has never been scientifically analysed to see if it corresponds to observations and experiments.
The only analyses are often made by theologians who only discredit it further by qualifying it with stories from ancient Jewish, Mesopotamian or Babylonian traditions. These analysts have even gone so far as to say that Genesis chapter one is contradictory to chapter two and that it was written by two different people. The first chapter of Genesis is reproached for having said: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth", which is in contradiction with science, and for having also spoken of the creation of the earth and the germination of plants before the creation of the Sun. Chapter II is also criticised for talking about the creation of man before any other creature.
These analyses are not made by atheists or scientists, but by theologians. These reproaches are so ingrained in the memories of intellectuals that "saying that God created the universe" has become a statement based on faith and not on reason. Hence the ongoing debates between creationists based on faith and evolutionists based on reason.
What has always been the position of the Vatican facing these different currents?
Wanting to bring these two currents closer together, in the charter of the Vatican Observatory we read: "The Bible tells us who created the Universe; science tells us how He did it". And yet the scientific view of the universe continues to disappoint believers, so much so that they do not even like to hear the word cosmology, which is the scientific study of the origin and evolution of the universe.
Having read the various reviews of the biblical scheme of creation, I resolved to study the story closely myself by getting into the heart of its author. What I discovered surprised me and will surprise you: the biblical scheme of creation is not only true by faith, but it is also true scientifically because it responds to all the observations and experiments of science. Therefore, do not be satisfied with what you read, but read the explanations of the one who has restored it after having studied it.
Often the writings that come to us from papyri related to certain plans, diagrams or architecture reveal where great treasures are hidden once one has studied it with great attention. But, no one until now had bothered to concentrate fully to decipher what is hidden inside the Bible's creation scheme. I have just done that and no one could believe the things I discovered inside that will turn him from cosmogony to cosmology.
Cosmology is part of the new science of astrophysics which studies the origins and evolution of the Universe. No one being at the origin, it is the biblical scheme of creation that should serve as a reference on the different stages of the evolution of the Universe. However, this diagram is not even quoted in the history of cosmological thought. We prefer to quote ancient philosophers such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, Democritus, etc., without taking into account the fact that the biblical scheme of creation is the first hierarchical cosmological model in daytime, which our studies have made us discover were the periods.
As I said, the analysis of the biblical scheme of creation has been left to theologians who turn to the etymologies of words, whereas it is the scheme of the construction of a thing; our universe. For that, it is rather up to cosmologists to check whether it is coherent, or whether it responds to observations. Such an analysis has never been done by a cosmologist despite the abundance of publications on this scheme.
This objective study and analysis of the biblical scheme of creation has just been done for the first time by a cosmologist and the results are published in the books of the collections "Les versets des savants" and "l'Astrothéologie" in the Librinova editions in Paris since 2021. These publications correct all the books that have been published before on this scheme and every theologian is called to revise his thought by reading the books of these collections.
Scientists are also called upon to read the books in these collections, which are nothing less than the results of research into the biblical scheme of creation. As I said, this is the first time that this scheme reveals the reference that astrophysicists must follow regarding the "scheme of the origin and evolution of the universe". Any Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist who has published a scheme contrary to the biblical scheme of creation is in error. Only the biblical scheme of creation should serve as a reference for all models. The clarification of this scheme or its restitution is called "The Universal Cosmological Model".
My statement is not based on faith, but on reason. I am the first expert on the biblical pattern of creation to have studied it from a theological and cosmological point of view. Thus, I am not ashamed to repeat that all the publications that have been made on this scheme without referring to its understanding according to the Universal Cosmological Model are in error. The same is true for scientific models whose scheme deviates from the Universal Cosmological Model.
Indeed, by carefully reading the biblical pattern of creation on the basis of our elementary knowledge of cosmology and theology, especially the Principle of Creation by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, we have discovered that all the great structures that are the subject of astrophysical studies today are found in this pattern. So, while waiting for scientists to look underneath, I am the first to discover in the biblical scheme of creation:
- How scientifically the universe began, the so-called origin of the universe;
- How the Fossil Ray came into existence, the so-called Origin of the Cosmic Microwave Background;
- The Big Bang itself is biblical. This discovery, which I consider to be the greatest discovery of the 21st century, takes him directly from the Big Bang theory to reality;
- Why water or hydrogen is found everywhere in the universe and is the source of all matter.
These are things that no one has been able to discover before about the biblical scheme of creation. If God is the creator of the Universe, everything that scientists like large structures should be there. This is what I have discovered and published in the books of the collections "Verses of the Scientists" and "Astrotheology".
In the above list of my discoveries on the biblical scheme of creation, I could not yet reveal others, because I have not yet accumulated all the scientific proofs for lack of experimental laboratories in my country and also for lack of astrophysicists with whom we can work without them taking into account my titles. Among the discoveries that I have made in the scheme and which I have not yet published, there is notably the origin of dark energy and dark matter which will allow scientists with their sophisticated instruments to detect them.
Until then, I have not stopped demonstrating my discoveries in my publications and I already have five books to my credit. These books do not make me a writer, but they are the results of my research that I publish in the form of scientific-religious literature. For me, the primary of these great information or discoveries should first be reserved for the Vatican. Hence I have personally sent the Holy Father, Pope Francis, the third volume of my book which is entitled: "Big-bang to Humankind".
In this book the Pope will discover that his statement made in 2014 that "The Big-bang and evolution do not contradict the Bible" is true. In addition, we will also discover that Pope Pius XII was right to congratulate the Belgian Abbé Georges Lemaitre for his theory of the primitive atom which became the Big Bang theory.
What I expect from the Pope is the recognition and validation by the Holy See of the first cosmological model that demonstrates that the biblical scheme of creation is well founded. This is the Universal Cosmological Model of which I am the inventor, and which is nothing other than the scientific restitution of the biblical scheme of creation.
And to demonstrate to astrophysicists, philosophers and theologians that the biblical scheme of creation is now a scheme that commands respect, I am waiting for invitations from all the associations in the world whose aim is "unity between faith and religion". I also expect invitations from theological faculties for the popularisation of the Universal Cosmological Model. Without the knowledge of the biblical scheme of creation according to its restitution in the Universal Cosmological Model, this unity between science and religion will never take place. There will always be misunderstanding after misunderstanding. Through the restitution of the biblical scheme of creation according to the Universal Cosmological Model, one will discover that it is a logical and complete scheme, even if there are borders that cannot be crossed without entering into religion and metaphysics.
If believers say that God created the Universe and that He was the first to set out the scheme contained in the Bible, which of this biblical scheme and the scientific schemes drawn up on the basis of calculations and reasoning should we trust more? From now on, I no longer want the believers' answer to be based on faith by saying "yes, this is the biblical scheme", but I bring them the rational reasoning that justifies this "yes" through the Universal Cosmological Model.
The results of my research that gave rise to the Universal Cosmological Model are not philosophical, theological or concordist reasoning, but are objective, unbiased results that I discovered during my 10 years of study of the biblical pattern of creation. I am the first to have done so and the only one to explain it so far.

This shows that the translation and explanation of the biblical scheme of creation also requires knowledge of cosmology that theologians do not know and of the Principle of Creation that astrophysicists do not know either, at least for the time being before the astrotheology project is accepted by the universities.
From now on, believers and their children will have true knowledge of the biblical scheme of creation and will no longer be dominated by conceptions based on atheism. So, it only remains for you who read this newspaper to invite me to come and give a lecture in your university.
In your institute or in your association.
Jesus said: "You don't light a lamp to put it under a bushel" (Mt 5:15). That is why I am now ready to respond to your invitation to prove to everyone that the biblical scheme of creation is well-founded and more complete than any other model. Moreover, it is the only scheme that allows a better understanding of the Universe even by high school students compared to the models from Astrophysics.

Flavien PHANZU MWAKA; inventor of the Universal Cosmological Model and Astrotheology. Author of the books of the collections "The verses of the scholars" and "Astrotheology". (Cfr: see my name and my works in Google).
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