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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022


Lun 18 Juil - 21:39
I discovered the existence of this sphere in the Bible.
To reconstruct the history of a place, archaeologists use clues. For example, today we are not looking for clues to see if there was water and life on the planet Mars. When we find shells in a desert area, for example, and these only live in damp areas, we deduce that there was water in this environment. The dating of this shell will now allow us to understand when the place had water. The same is true if we come across vases, their constitution can reveal the state of advancement of the civilisation that resided there.
The biblical scheme of creation comes to us from antiquity, whose writings were based on symbols and signs. Translators used conjunctions to make their texts understandable. But in order to better reconstruct what the author actually meant, to understand his thought, it is necessary, as in a desert place, to use clues. The story of creation from the beginning to man is an evolutionary story. No verse can be independent of the other. The initial situation must evolve as the reading progresses. Even the verses showing a simultaneous appearance of a thing have had their fulfillment from the situations that are described in the previous verses.
For example, in the verse: "Let there be light", why was this phrase not spoken from the beginning so that God would work in the light? And the foundation for this appearance is what happened in the previous verses.
Let us return to our subject. We have said that since the creation story was written in ancient times on papyrus, in order to get to know the author's thought, we have to use the big clues.
It says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, but the earth was formless and empty. A thing that is formless and empty is like a gas that you can feel but cannot see and Therefore, it cannot be given a form. Here, the author wants to tell us at the beginning that the Universe was only an empty sphere, filled only with energy. According to science, there is no such thing as a vacuum or an absolute vacuum, there is always energy. It was this filling that demonstrated that we were in a physical sphere, as opposed to the sphere known as the heavens.

The second great clue to reconstructing this story of the first day of creation is the presence of light. We have said that for a light to appear in a physical way, it needs a foundation, just as the presence of vases or shells in a place allows us to reconstruct the past of a place. According to physics, a light can only emerge where there has been a heating of the matter. The increase in temperature of this matter allows the release of light. This is the case with the Sun, for example, where the temperature of the matter in its core must exceed 10 million degrees to generate nuclear reactions and send light to us.
So, by saying "God said let there be light", the author was saying that it was not a light that appeared at random, but that there was someone who had control of the situation, whom he called God. It is like saying "so-and-so is boiling water". But that water is boiling as a result of some combination of physical phenomena, notably the presence of heat or fire.
Between an empty universe at the beginning, and the presence of light afterwards, this allows us to reconstruct what happened between the two events in the biblical scheme of creation. From a physical point of view, I said, for there to be light, something would have to have heated up first. This brings us back to the previous verses.
In order for it to have light, we are told that a "spirit of God moved in the water". This verse shows us that there was intense activity before the light was emitted. Running water by itself cannot emit light unless it undergoes cracking, i.e. the separation of hydrogen and oxygen, and then the heating of the hydrogen alone.
But in this verse, we see that the light was emitted after the verse that says: "a spirit of God moved in the water". From this, we know directly that this water does not represent water It was a matter of matter that was under a lot of energy pressure. And, as we said at the beginning, a formless, empty earth meant an empty universe, but one filled with energy. It is this energy that the author refers to as "a spirit of God". This, by moving on a matter that the author describes as water, caused light to emerge. In order for the light to be emitted, this matter first had to go through a great warming. This is what other astrophysicists say that there was a collapsing star before the Big Bang. But, here I am explaining how the situation actually happened during this pre-big bang period.
Again according to physics, for there to be heating of matter which the Bible describes as waters in space, it must be confined. All these principles help us to understand and restore the biblical scheme of creation that people have wanted to call fairy tales, because no one has ever explained it well. Thus, in the verse "a spirit of God or a wind of God according to the Jerusalem version moving on the waters", it means that there was a gravitational current that was exerted on the matter. This results in a collapse in the fabric of space-time creating what the Bible describes as an abyss in the verse: "there was darkness in the face of the deep". Thus, we see that there is no term that has been used randomly in the biblical scheme of creation. Everything followed a physical process that we are reconstructing on day one, before the big bang.

The abyss is defined in the Free Bible glossary as a hole where unknown events take place inside and nothing can escape once it falls or enters. Astrophysicists can relate to this definition and know that this is what science calls black holes to this day. This is why some astrophysicists do not hesitate to say that before the Big Bang, there was a star that collapsed, forming a hole from which our universe emerged. But, although they were close to the truth, here I am correcting that thinking by saying that there was no collapsing star before the Big Bang. It was the heating of matter through the phrase a "spirit of God moving in water" and its confinement that caused the first distortion of the fabric of space-time referred to as the abyss in the Bible.
And, as we know, black holes are invisible in the sky and are only spotted through the movements of the stars orbiting around them. They do indeed fit the biblical description, namely, "there is darkness on the surface". If the biblical account of creation was written after all these scientific discoveries, it would seem that its author cheated in science. But this account was written 1500 years BC with terms of the time, i.e. "spirit instead of energy", "water instead of particles", "abyss instead of black hole or the first deformation of the fabric of space-time" and "light instead of radiation". this is not concordism, but rather synonyms.
Here, we have only reconstructed what physically happened on the first biblical day or the pre-Big Bang period from the origin of the Universe to the emergence of light. It is this light that actually demonstrates that the early matter was heating up and that is why astrophysicists tell us that at the time of the Big Bang the temperature of the Universe was close to 1510°C. Thus, we have just removed the enigma for scientists of the origin of this rise in temperature on the analysis of the biblical scheme of creation restored in the "Universal Cosmological Model".
It is the emergence of this light, currently known as the Fossil Radiation discovered in 1965, that closed the pre-Big Bang period. For the benefit of astrophysicists who have had their eyes greatly opened by reading this paragraph, we tell them that the gravitational collapse that caused an abyss reached such an extreme condensation that even this light could no longer escape. It did not escape until 380,000 years later after the Big Bang when the universe expanded again.

The Biblical creation diagram is the first cosmological model from antiquity that shows how the universe evolved into man. No scientist of our time has yet succeeded in creating a model that goes from the origin to man. To make this pattern clearer to all mankind, we have rendered it in updated language in the Universal Cosmological Model. Thus, the Universal Cosmological Model can also be defined as the scientific rendering of the biblical scheme of creation
For those who want to learn more in detail, we attach this link:

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