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Lun 19 Sep - 16:41


The Universal Cosmological Model

If the term " Big-bang " was created only in 1949, the phenomenon occurred rather several billion years ago. To explain the origin of the Universe in cosmogony, several names have been given to it since antiquity, proving that it is not something new for man's knowledge. Modern science has only come to introduce mathematics and confirm this phenomenon on the basis of observations and experiments.

The British scientist Stephen Hawking said: "There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works. (Cfr : Stephen Hawking, l’athée salué par quatre papes ( Today, I am going it alone through the Universal Cosmological Model and Astrotheology (Astronomy&Theology) to demonstrate that it is religion that is winning and that science is only discovering what has already been predicted in antiquity and the Middle Ages.

While the Big Bang is still a debatable theory for science, my research has led me to discover that this phenomenon is rather a truth for the Bible, the Koran, and ancient philosophy. That is why I have always shouted loud and clear that science is still behind in discovering all that the sacred writings have revealed in the cosmogony.
In principle, it is these revelations that should be the goals of scientists. But scientists have rejected these writings to go their own way, thus running into barriers like the Planck Wall. To this day, based on the sacred writings, I have demonstrated to scientists that the Pre-Big Bang is also a reality through my publications in this forum, while their mathematical calculation creates a limitation to access this sphere.

Muslim intellectuals have always maintained that the Big-bang is Quranic while the majority of Christians do not understand what this word or phenomenon means. That is why my publications are often supported by Muslims, although I develop what is biblical. Thus, I have resolved to support their arguments more than they support mine, before one day realizing my project on the Universal Cosmological Model and the Quran.

In our publication today, we will also bring the majority of Christians to the same point of view as the Muslims, namely that the Big Bang is not only Quranic, but it is also biblical. We should know that it is the Bible that was the first book to speak about the Big-bang phenomenon, before the Koran came to confirm it, and that the Abbot Georges Lemaitre, always a religious man, introduced it into science.

Thus, we will notice that through the Universal Cosmological Model, the origins of the great structures of the universe were first revealed in religion before transiting to science. Through these series of publications of the Universal Cosmological Model, my readers have discovered the origin of the Universe as described in the Bible, while science is struggling to discover it. My readers have also learned about the origin of the famous fossil radiation through the Bible, whereas before scientists did not understand its origin and the reason for its homogeneity throughout the universe.

My articles should attract the attention of researchers. It took NASA 10 billion dollars to build the James Webb telescope, while it only brings back structures of our Universe that will not reveal anything new to science. I, who brings back lost structures, ignored by all, because they took place before the big bang, my writings are not accepted in scientific websites because my inspirations come from sacred books, and not from general relativity or quantum physics. The day when NASA will mobilize more funds to better decipher the fossil radiation, that is the day we will know that my predictions were correct. Otherwise, what is the point of popularizing them in forums with a large audience?

Today, we are going to unveil, still through the sacred writings, the origin of the greatest phenomenon that came to cause the rupture between science and religion, namely the Big-bang. My goal is that today's publication will once again seal this link by clearing up the misunderstanding around this phenomenon for both scientists and religious people. This is the goal of classical astrotheology (astronomy and theology) of which I am the inventor.

Thus, in order to demonstrate that the Big-bang is not only scientific, but also biblical and Koranic, we will first explain it in simple terms, as astrophysicists themselves fail to convince believers and dispel many misunderstandings.


When we talk about a volcano, we see hot magmas gushing out of the earth and spreading on the surface. When we talk about a water source, we see the water gushing out of the earth and also spreading on the surface. But when we talk about the big-bang, what do we see? We see the Universe which, being condensed at the beginning, started a lightning expansion, spreading out, thus creating time and space.

Whether it is the magma, the water or the expanding universe, their origin does not begin from the moment they started to spread. Therefore, the Big Bang does not mark the creation or origin of the universe. Although the Big-Bang is a well-accepted theory among experts, there is still no convincing answer to what happened before this expansion, called the pre-Big-Bang period, which is the cause and therefore the reason for our existence. The Bible is the only book that can describe what happened during this period (cfr THE PRE-BIG BANG WAS A REAL SPHERE (

So, on the one hand, we have the condensed universe, and then, this universe started to expand. It is the beginning of this phenomenon which we qualify as big-bang. It is after this expansion, that all the other structures within the universe, began to be created and this until the formation of man who is classified biblically as the last creature and scientifically also as the last link in the chain of evolution. This is to say that there is always a link between what the sacred writings say and what science discovers.
Thus, nobody will make a confusion between the big bang and the creation as Pope John Paul II would have declared to the British physicist Stephen Hawking: "What there is after the big bang is for you, and what there is before, it is for us" (Cfr : Le jour où le Pape reconnut le Big Bang - Dans la Lune ( And, I proved it by demonstrating that the Before Big-bang is well and truly described in the Bible through links which are below.

I.1 The origin of the word big-bang

We introduce this point to demonstrate that the Big Bang theory is a religious inspiration. At the beginning, there were three great personalities who understood this, namely Pope Pius XII, Albert Einstein and the British scientist Fred Hoyle.

Indeed, the theory of the initial singularity or of the primitive atom put forward by the Abbé Georges Lemaitre, which will become the Big-bang theory, could be considered as close to the classical Christian vision of the Creation and the atheist astrophysicists immediately fought against it. In particular, the astronomer Fred Hoyle reproached Canon Lemaitre for having built this theory to fit the biblical account of creation. The "Big Bang Theory" came from a derisive word coined by Hoyle around 1948 to mock this theory, which he considered close to religion. At a meeting in California in 1960, Fred Hoyle again mocked Lemaître by greeting him with these words: "This is the Big Bang man". Albert Einstein also attacked Georges Lemaitre for having brought religion to science. The Pope PIE XII thanked Georges Lemaitre for the fact that his theory was in line with the Bible. But, Georges Lemaitre denied this. (


All these three great personalities were right; the big-bang is indeed a theory of religious inspiration. Here are the irrefutable proofs:


Gen 1: 2 The earth (universe) was formless and empty..., and the spirit of God moved over the waters. 6 God said, "Let there be an expanse between the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters." 7 And God made the expanse (the beginning of space and time), and separated the waters that are below the expanse from the waters that are above the expanse. (Big-Bang).


- Surah al-Baquarah, 117 "Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth from nothing. (The earth was invisible and empty according to the Bible).

- Surah 21, "The Prophets", v. 30" : Did not those who disbelieved see that the heavens and the earth were a compact mass? Then We separated them (BIG-BANG) and made every living thing from water. Will they not then believe?"

EMPEDOCLE (4th Century BC)

Originally, all the elements, united by Love (unifying energy), formed a homogeneous mass called the spherus. Discord (separating energy) penetrates and separates the elements from each other (Big-bang)

At one moment the one was formed from the Multiple, at another moment it was divided, and from the one came out the Multiple - Fire, Water (materials) and Earth (structure) and the powerful height of Air. (Cfr : www.wikipédia.empédocle ).

Georges Lemaitre as a researcher, priest, philosopher, theologian and astrophysicist knew this and tried to find out if it corresponded to the observations. This moment arrived when the phenomenon of the expansion of the universe was discovered.

Indeed, during his stay in the USA, he was interested in the "nebulae" that astronomers had identified as galaxies comparable to our Milky Way. However, all these galaxies seem to move away from us as if we were the center of the universe. He will say if things are moving away from the center, what they were united in the beginning, as it is affirmed in the cosmogony (it is me who added this last comment). Thus, in 1927 he put forward the idea that at the beginning everything started with a primitive atom, which then expanded. The discovery of the distance of galaxies in 1929 by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble was a considerable support for his idea that will know its crowning in 1964 with the discovery of the fossil radiation.

III. Proof that these verses and this quote are confirmed by the Big-bang theory

I have always published and it has always been fought that the ancients for lack of appropriate scientific terms used the term water to describe the primitive matter. Moreover, they are not wrong because it is in water that we find the element, which is at the origin of the formation of all the matter, namely hydrogen, which means what kind of water. In the Hebrew Bible, Moses used the word "hydro" and the translators translated it as "waters", making the readers believe that they were talking about running water. But when it came to running water, Moses called it "Seas" (Gen 1:10). This means that when Moses spoke of "waters" on the first day of creation, he had a different idea than we have. For Moses it was the original or primitive material.

Going back to science, the Bible, the Koran and Empedocles, at the beginning there was a compact mass called "waters" by the Bible, "spherus" by Empedocles and condensed universe for science. The Bible tells us: "these waters were separated, creating an expanse or empty space". Empedocles explained it by the introduction of a separative energy called discord into the spherus creating the expanse. Science speaks of an unknown energy that caused the condensed universe to expand, creating the expanse. The Qur'an also refers to it as a compact mass that has separated.

It is clear that this phenomenon about the beginning of the universe is the same for both science and the holy books, including the ideas of the ancient philosopher Empedocles. It is this phenomenon that is scientifically qualified to this day by a common name called "Big-bang".

IV. Proof that the Big-bang is a reality and not only a theory

The Universal Cosmological Model is the only model to confirm to the whole of humanity that the Big-bang was a reality and that the believers who fight against it will not have to do so anymore. Indeed, the Big-bang has nothing to do with the creation of the Universe. The Big Bang manifested itself on a universe that was already created. The proof that the Big Bang was a reality, we also discover it in the sacred books and confirmed by science.

For the Bible and the Koran, the Universe was created from nothingness by being first an empty sphere (an invisible and empty earth). Then the elements (particles) being united by an energy (spirit of God according to the Bible) formed a compact mass according to the Koran, called "waters" by the Bible and spherus by Empedocles. Then there was Big-bang or separation of the waters from the waters according to the Bible (Gn 1:6), separation of the spherus according to Empedocles and separation of the compact mass according to the Koran.

The universe being initially empty according to the Bible, it is with the waters below that the earth emerged and it is with the waters above that the luminaries (all that shines to our eyes in the sky) were also created (Gen 1:9,14). The Qur'an also spoke in the same way, saying that after the separation of the compact mass, water was used for the creation of all things. I had already explained that the term "waters" here is not to be confused with our running waters. Water derives from hydro and it is hydrogen that is scientifically proven to be the original element for the formation of all matter. Lavoisier named the most abundant element in the universe hydrogen in the 18th century, but religion did not seize the opportunity to claim that the Bible was right, so much so that the Hebrew word "hydro" was left out.

So if everything really started from a compact mass as the sacred writings say and as science confirms, then the earth and the luminaries should all be made of the same elements. This is indeed what science has discovered; the same elements found even in the most distant stars are the same as those found on earth. The difference often lies only in their state: plasma and fluid in the stars, dust and gas in space, solid, liquid and gas on the earth and in some planets and exoplanets.

This article, part of the Universal Cosmological Model and deepened in the links below is free of publication.


How to quote an extract or the whole article :

- Flavien PHANZU MWAKA, Cosmology according to biblical and ancient models, ed. Librinova, Paris 2021.

Other sources :

- the field of the Universal Cosmological Model:

-Before Big bang - After Big bang :

-Mysteries of the universe before big-bang gamma radiation

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