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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022


Mer 22 Mar - 16:26


For those who want to follow it on Youtube, our link is

Our topic today is entitled "THE CONDENSED UNIVERSE IS BIBLICAL". In order to reach this conclusion, we will base ourselves on three main clues that we find in the biblical scheme of creation, as rendered in the UNIVERSAL COSMOLOGICAL MODEL.

Our aim is not only to prove that God is the Creator of the Universe, but above all to demonstrate that the biblical scheme of creation is well founded. Indeed, if God is really the Creator of the Universe, then the pattern of creation contained in the Bible and the Torah should be true. Theologians often try to prove that the universe was created by God using the evidence and parameters found in nature.
Certainly, God's existence can only be proven on the basis of these parameters as it is written in
Rom 1:20. « God's invisible perfections, His eternal power and divinity, are seen as with the eye, since the creation of the world, when they are considered in His works. They are therefore inexcusable ».
In the Universal Cosmological Model, on the other hand, we are directly rendering the biblical scheme of creation as it has never been done since it was scribbled in papyrus 1500 years ago.
What I am sharing with you is part of the astronomical explanation of the creation scheme contained in the Bible and the Torah that all believers should be aware of. This astronomical explanation is called, critically, the Universal Cosmological Model.
Indeed, until then, all scientific models explain only one aspect of the universe. These aspects are related to each other and form the Standard Model. To date, the Universal Cosmological Model brings back to the Standard Model the "Pre-Big Bang" at which it was able to discover the events that took place in this sphere in the Bible. So, these are not things from the mind of its inventor.
In the study of the biblical scheme of creation, we found that the Bible begins to describe the universe with the Before Big Bang, whereas science begins with the Big Bang. This is to say that science has not yet reached the frontier where the Bible began to speak of the universe.
Our knowledge to understand the mysteries of the creation of the universe should start from the Bible verse that says 'the earth was invisible and empty' (Gen 1:2; Septuagint Bible). But until then, science begins around the verse that says "God separated the waters from the waters" (Gen 1:7) scientifically called the Big Bang.

Biblically, the Big Bang took place in the second period of the universe or the 2nd day of creation according to the Bible and the Torah. What is part of the first biblical day, called the Pre-Big Bang, is still a mystery to science. Today, the Universal Cosmological Model has unveiled these mysteries, but, the religious think I am talking about science, while the scientists think I am talking about religion. And yet, it is a truth about the knowledge of the universe, which actually includes science (the effects) and religion (the cause).

In all the scientific forums and in various popularisations, people always ask questions about what was there before the Big Bang. We discovered the answer in the Bible and this discovery does not attract the attention of any scientist or theologian. This is because scientists consider the biblical scheme of creation to be a story, while theologians consider it, according to what they were taught in university, to be a story derived from oral traditions or based only on faith.
What the Universal Cosmological Model reveals about the Pre-Big Bang as described in the first biblical day is a great discovery for science and a major contribution to theology.
So everything I want to share today is part of the Universal Cosmological Model. If anyone wants to put a positive or negative comment on it, let them not touch the word Bible which is sacred to believers, but rather let them touch the Universal Cosmological Model, for which I take full responsibility for my comments.

I. The biblical days

Without understanding the concept of time, the biblical account of creation will always appear to us as a story, as scientists and atheists now call it.
Many religious people think that introducing the notion of time into the biblical creation scheme is a way of diminishing the omnipotence of God, which is not true. In everything God has done, there has always been a notion of time. God's omnipotence is revealed through the perfection of the things he has done, regardless of the length of time it took, within a period called a day, in the space between an evening and a morning: "there was an evening and there was a morning" (Gen 1:5-27), showing that there was a beginning, a growth, an evolution and a maturity.

A striking example that shows that the biblical days were not ordinary days but periods, is that during the first three days of creation in Genesis chapter 1, there was not yet the creation (appearance) of the luminaries to mark the notion of time. This occurred in Genesis 1:14, during the fourth day or fourth period of creation as we read:

Ge 1:14 "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, to mark the times, and the days, and the years...". 19 "And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day ».

So the first three days which was unquantifiable were fixed according to what since the notion of ordinary time began on the fourth day? It was fixed according to the outcome of the evolutions that were taking place in the Universe. We understand from this that the biblical days were periods.
Without understanding or knowing the biblical concept of time in the biblical scheme of creation, one cannot even engage in a debate between scientists and religious people.

As we have said, the first day of creation describes phenomena that we can never observe in our present universe. They cannot even be reconstructed through a science fiction movie. No pastor can give a sermon on it. In the great encyclopaedias of biblical commentaries, no one has been able to reconstruct them. This is because any scheme of creation must meet scientific requirements, not faith-based discourses. And the Universal Cosmological Model proves that the scheme of creation contained in the Bible and the Torah meets these requirements.
We have even applied to the Vatican for validation of this Model by the Holy Father. Why? Because we no longer want theologians to stand before scientists with their heads down about the creation of the universe.

What we are going to describe here is part of some of the great events that took place in the Pre-Big Bang. I say some because my research is still ongoing to better unravel the mysteries that lurk in the literature of the first biblical day. To solve them, one needs some basic knowledge of astronomy and theology, especially the Creation Principle of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

2. The Pre-Big Bang

So what are these great clues that prove to us that the condensed universe was a biblical reality?
To reconstruct the history of a place, archaeologists use clues. For example, today we are not looking for clues to see if there was water and life on the planet Mars. When we find shells in a desert area, for example, and these only live in damp areas, we deduce that there was water in this environment. The dating of this shell will now allow us to understand when the place had water. The same is true if we come across vases, their constitution can reveal the state of advancement of the civilisation that resided there.

The biblical scheme of creation comes to us from antiquity, whose writings were based on symbols and signs. Translators used conjunctions to make their texts understandable. But in order to better reconstruct what the author meant, to understand his thought, we must, as in a desert place, use clues.
The story of creation from the beginning to man is an evolutionary story. No verse can be independent of the other. The initial situation must evolve as the reading progresses. Even the verses showing a simultaneous appearance of a thing had their fulfilment from the situations that are described in the previous verses.

For example, in the verse: "Let there be light" (Gn1 :3), why was this phrase not pronounced from the beginning so that God could work in the light ? simply because a light only appears with a foundation. And the foundation for this appearance is what was happening in the previous verses as we will see in this text.
We have said that since the creation story was written in ancient times on papyrus, in order to better understand the author's thinking, we must use the major clues.

First clue: the universe began in a vacuum

Gen 1:1-2 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was formless and empty:

It says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, but this earth was formless and empty according to the Louis Segond Bible. A thing that is formless and empty is like a gas that we can feel but cannot see and therefore cannot give it a form. Here, the author wants to tell us at the beginning that the universe was only an empty sphere. This is confirmed in the Septuagint Bible where it says: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was invisible and empty ». The Septuagint Bible contains the original translation because it was translated by the Jews themselves from Hebrew into Greek in 270 AD. The other translators of the Bibles did not understand what "an invisible and empty earth" means, so they started to put their comments, such as tohu-bohu, formless, vague, nothingness, naked, etc...

According to science, the absolute void does not exist. Even in a vacuum, there is always energy. So, even though initially the universe qualified by the name "invisible earth", but, there was energy qualified by "a spirit of God, a breath of God or a wind of God" according to different versions. It was this energy that demonstrated that we were in a physical sphere called "invisible and empty earth", as opposed to the spiritual sphere; also invisible, known as "heaven".

Second clue: The abyss or the first black hole

Gen 1:2 « The earth was formless and empty: there was darkness on the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God moved over the waters ».

In an initially empty universe filled only with energy, the verse "the spirit of God moving over the waters" means that there was a gravitational current acting on the particles described as "waters" on the first biblical day, pulling them along an axis. This caused a collapse in the fabric of space creating what the Bible describes as an abyss by the verse: "there was darkness in the face of the deep". Thus, we see that there is no term that was used randomly in the biblical scheme of creation. Everything followed a physical process that we are reconstructing on day one, the pre-big bang.
The abyss is defined in the Free Bible glossary as a hole where unknown events take place inside and nothing can escape once it falls or enters. Astrophysicists can relate to this definition and know that this is what science now refers to as a black hole.

The Pre-Big Bang was an energetic period. The formation of the first black hole, described in the Bible as an "abyss", followed the same process according to the new hypothesis that astrophysicists have just put forward for the formation of supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies. This hypothesis, which we have already refuted in our previous publications, has just been confirmed in the magazine "SCIENCE&VIE" n° 1263 December 2022 in the article entitled: "the new history of supermassive black holes" by Benoit Rey. According to this new hypothesis, supermassive black holes were created by the collapse of particles and matter without this leading to the formation of stars.

Indeed, in the above article, the author talks about what happened in the After Big Bang, but we tell him that the same scenario also took place in the Before Big Bang when there was only chaos, forming what the Bible calls the abyss. Biblically, this condensation of matter is described by the verse "the spirit of God moving in the water", and this is what caused the first deformation of the fabric of space described as the "abyss" in the Bible and the black hole by astrophysicists.

And, as we know, black holes are invisible in the sky and are only spotted through the movements of the stars that orbit around them. They do indeed fit the biblical description, namely, "there is darkness on the surface of the deep". So we have just described the process of the formation of the deep from the Bible verses alone.
If the biblical account of creation was written after all these scientific discoveries, it would be said that its author cheated in science. But this account was written 1500 years BC with terms of the time, i.e. "spirit instead of energy", "water instead of particles", "abyss instead of black hole" and "light instead of radiation". As can be seen, these are not concordisms, but rather synonyms.

Third clue: Fossil radiation or the first light of the universe

Gen 1:3 "God said, 'Let there be light. And there was light".

The third major clue to the condensed Universe that is part of the title of our theme is the presence of light. We have said that for a light to appear in a physical way, it needs a foundation, just as the presence of vases or shells in a place allows us to reconstruct its past.
According to physics, a light can only emerge where there has been heating of matter. The increase in temperature of this matter, causing heat, allows the release of light. This is the case of the Sun, for example, where the temperature of the matter in its core must exceed 10 million degrees to generate nuclear reactions and send us light.

So when we say "God said let there be light", physically that light came about as a result of what was happening when the spirit of God was moving on the waters. This was the author's way of saying that it wasn't a light that appeared at random, but there was a Being in control of the situation who he called God. It is like saying "so-and-so boiled the water". But that water boiled as a result of a certain combination of physical phenomena, namely the presence of heat or fire which moves the molecules.

So, between an empty universe at the beginning, and the presence of light afterwards, it allows us to reconstruct what happened between the two events in the biblical scheme of creation. Even if it was not miraculous words that caused this light to be illuminated, but it was part of the divine scheme, we said. We warned at the outset that in the Universal Cosmological Model, the scheme of creation is rendered according to astronomy and not theology.
Indeed, from the physical point of view, for there to be light, something physical or matter would first have to undergo pressure. This brings us back to the previous verses. According to the biblical scheme of creation, the first light appeared when God said "let there be light, and there was light" on the first biblical day.

In order for him to have light, we are first told "the spirit of God moved upon the waters". Based on this verse, the only matter to be pressurised by the "spirit of God", which in fact represents energy, is the waters. This verse shows us that there was intense activity before the emission of light. Running water by itself cannot emit light unless it is cracked, i.e. the hydrogen and oxygen are separated and then the hydrogen alone is heated.
But in this verse we see that the light was emitted after the verse that says: "a spirit of God moved upon the waters" (Gen 1:2). From this, we know directly that these waters did not represent flowing water, but rather matter. And the only matter that can be found in an invisible and empty universe, represented biblically by the words "a formless and empty earth", are particles.

We have also said in previous popularisations that the biblical words "a formless and empty earth" at the beginning of the universe means an empty universe but one filled with energy. It is this energy that the author referred to as "a spirit of God". This, moving on a matter that the author describes as "waters", which were no more than particles, caused light to germinate.

In order for this light to be emitted according to the verse that says "the light is, and the light was", this matter had to first go through a great warming until it reached the level of a protostar. This is what other astrophysicists say was a collapsing star before the Big Bang. For the non-astrophysicist believers, we are explaining how this process happens in observation and experimentation to understand the phenomena of the first biblical day.
So, while all the particles were pouring into a single axis, forming a kind of black hole called an abyss by the Bible, and, before they could condense to the extreme, this matter called waters by the Bible emitted the first light of the universe caused by its heating. This is described biblically by the verse "God said let there be light and there was light".

Now the question we must ask ourselves is: what is the link between the fossil radiation or cosmic microwave background and "the light was" according to the Bible?

Indeed, after having emitted the first light known biblically by the words "And there was light" in the pre-Big Bang, the Universe continued its condensation cycle to the extreme. Energies, particles, photons, all were so condensed to the extreme that even light could not escape. It would not reappear until 380,000 years later after the Big Bang with the expansion of the universe. Astrophysicists have nicknamed this light, known biblically as "let there be light and there was light", by the name of the fossil radiation or cosmic microwave background.

Thus, the fossil radiation is scientifically recognised as the first light that appeared in the universe. This light exists to this day and its fluctuations can sometimes be seen on our television screens. This light was the consequence of the heating of the Universe during its condensation in the pre-Big Bang period known as "incident light rays" in the words of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Roger Penrose in the Minkowski diagram.
At the time of the Big Bang, the temperature of the universe varied between 1043°C and 1015°C. Currently, with the expansion of the Universe, this warming has stabilised at -270°C, although this expansion is still continuing.

Therefore, it is the emergence of this light which is currently known as the Fossil Radiation discovered in 1965, followed by other events described in the first biblical day, which closed the pre-Big Bang period or the first biblical day or the first period of the Universe.
From this we deduce that the fossil radiation bears the signature of the Pre-Big Bang. The biblical scheme of creation, rendered in the Universal Cosmological Model, is the only scheme that describes to us what happened during this period. Thus, it is only through a close look at this radiation that we can decipher what happened in the pre-big bang as described in the Bible.

I limit myself to the theories. The rest is a matter for the astrophysicists of NASA. It is up to them to decide one day if they need to set up a telescope to verify this information. That is the day when God will be universally glorified, although they will still find arguments to say that everything was done according to the chance of nature.

In this popularisation, we have only reconstructed what happened physically on the first biblical day or the pre-big bang period from the origin of the universe to the outpouring of light. It is this light that actually shows that the early matter was heating up and that is why astrophysicists tell us that at the time of the Big Bang the temperature of the Universe was approaching several billion degrees.

Thus, we have just solved the enigma of where this rise in temperature in the condensed universe came from, as well as where the fossil radiation came from, based on the discoveries made in the analysis of the biblical creation scheme in the "Universal Cosmological Model".
In conclusion, as the Universe contracted, it heated up strongly emitting the first light known by the biblical words: "And there was light". Afterwards the Universe eventually reached an extreme point of condensation so that even light could no longer escape. This allowed all extremes to have the same temperature. Hence the title of our popularisation "The condensed universe is Biblical".

The condensed universe is what the Belgian astronomer, Abbot Georges Lemaitre, called the primitive atom. To reach this conclusion, the Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaitre analysed the Universe from the events that take place downstream, whereas the Universal Cosmological Model demonstrates how the Universe condensed by analysing the events that took place from the beginning of the Universe upstream.
It should be noted that it was the theory of the primitive atom of the Belgian astronomer, Abbé Georges Lemaitre, which became the Big Bang theory or the theory of the condensed universe. We understand that the Big Bang theory is biblical.

Indeed, after this extreme condensation, the universe underwent a lightning expansion qualified as a Big-bang according to scientific terms or "separation of the waters from the waters" according to biblical terms. And, 380,000 years later, light (God said let there be light and there was light!) reappeared and is known to this day as fossil radiation
For those who want to learn more in detail, I recommend my books that explain the Universe according to the Universal Cosmological Model. With these books, you will have all the clarifications on the biblical scheme of creation. These books have just brought a new breath in theology and a revolution in science, because for the first time the pre-big-bang sphere is so clearly explained.

I am ready to respond to invitations from all media and theological faculties. I also ask the directors of scientific and documentary films, that I am ready for the real staging of the first moments of our universe according to the biblical scheme of creation, which is none other than the real truth about the beginning of our universe. What we read in the Bible about the creation diagram is only the form which is different from the substance. I am the only one to have restored the substance in the Universal Cosmological Model.

For those who want to get in touch with me:
- My email is
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- Flavien PHANZU MWAKA, Cosmology According to Biblical and Ancient Models, ed. Librinova, Paris 2021.

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