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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022

The origin of the Universe: the harmony between science and religion. Empty The origin of the Universe: the harmony between science and religion.

Mar 16 Aoû - 19:06
The Universal Cosmological Model


Gen 1:1-2 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was formless and empty.

The issue of the origin of the universe is still being debated between creationists and evolutionists. Evolutionists often point to the Big Bang and creationists stick to the above verse.
If we analyze their arguments, we can see that they are struggling with a misunderstanding because the Big Bang is not the origin of the universe. Even creationists do not have an idea about the cycle of the Universe. In order not to touch their faith, I prefer through this publication to answer the question "how the Universe began according to the Bible or how was its beginning". It is this beginning that creates the harmony between science and religion.
The evolution of the Universe has been done in different stages whether it is biblical or scientific.

I have already talked about the origin of the Universe through the publications related to the meaning of the word "heaven" and the word "earth" , as well as the meaning of the biblical days . Reading them is very important for understanding this publication.
Since this subject is very important and will advance science, and lead scientists to more research, I prefer to make it a full publication for a debate of ideas at this forum.

Currently science has discovered many natural phenomena (physics) that the ancients attributed the manifestation to spirits or gods. Among these phenomena we have energy, gravitation, lightning, whirlpools, violent waves, earthquakes, volcanoes. Even the rain was sometimes the object of human sacrifices so that they rain. The restitutions of these phenomena to their real name have allowed to understand a lot about the thought of the ancient authors. The only book that has been forgotten that also contains ancient texts that deserve attention is the Bible.

In the series of debates between science and faith in view of a harmonization of points of view, we have focused on the biblical scheme of creation contained in the first two chapters of Genesis. If we can give back their true names to certain phenomena, this will allow a great advance in this debate. Thus, the restitution of the true names in relation to the ancient names and words that are contained in this scheme gave rise to the Universal Cosmological Model. Therefore, everything I will share with you in this publication is part of the Universal Cosmological Model.
Many people tell me that the biblical scheme of creation is unscientific and cannot prove anything about the universe. I ask you to read the following example carefully:

"Suppose you (astrophysicists) discover an abandoned building (universe) in the forest. You set it up and make it your home. Several years later, someone shows up (God) and tells you that it is his property, and he is the architect. You ask him for proof. He answers that he has many proofs, but, for the moment, the only proof is to show you that this building (universe) has a cellar (the sphere of the Before Big-bang) well arranged and which serves as a base for the house (universe). You do research and surveys, you find that everything is well paved and that it is impossible that this building has a cellar in the basement. You call the person an impostor or a liar.

Finally, the person shows you how to access the cellar hidden by the pavement. You enter and discover that everything corresponds to the description as it was given to you. What will be your reaction afterwards? You will only have to negotiate because, the person tells you that, as the owner and architect, he still has many things to show you and to tell you.

It is the same for the universe. People think that it was created by the chance of nature. Religious people have come to tell them that the architect is God, but they do not have convincing evidence. 100 years after the discovery of the big bang theory by a catholic priest, the Universal Cosmological Model has just brought back more evidence from biblical verses, because the big bang itself was also taken from a biblical verse. In this new evidence from the Universal Cosmological Model, the owner (the Bible) describes to you the basement or the sub-Big-bang or the Pre-Big-bang. It describes what the foundation was like and what you will discover once you enter it, and it clearly shows you the biblical verses that make it difficult for you to enter.

Those who take this owner seriously, the day they decide to go down into the basement (before the Big-bang), if they discover that everything responds to observation according to the description of the biblical verses as rendered in the Universal Cosmological Model, what are they going to do? won't this reopen the question of whether the Universe was created by God?

How could an ancient text from 1500 BC describe the Pre-Big-Bang to the Big-Bang, if the author was not inspired by the one who witnessed or owned it? This is what you will learn by following the thread of my publications which is part of the Universal Cosmological Model. The Universal Cosmological Model harmoniously combines faith and science to explain the Universe and answers all the wishes of associations or organizations that militate for a harmonious language and understanding between science and religion or science and faith.

I.1. The question about the origin of the Universe

Recently, I laughed a lot when I heard the head of Nasa say that the James Webb Telescope will inform us about our origins. Indeed, according to Bill Nelson, the NASA administrator, "The promise of Webb is not what we know we will discover; it's what we don't yet understand or can't yet understand about our universe. (Cfr: : What the Webb Telescope Images Didn’t Capture - Post - BioLogos ).
The book describing Our Origin, we all have in our closets, is the Bible. James Webb will only bring us physical structures. But, the Bible describes the Universe from minus infinity, reaching stage 0 which is the point of the big-bang and continues until the formation of man who is the last creature confirmed even scientifically.

The images that the James Webb Telescope brings us are sometimes blurred and confused. They are processed, analyzed by astrophysicists and published. The images that the Bible brings back to us about the Pre-Big-bang which no Telescope can reach are also blurred and sometimes confused. Hence the confusion of interpretation among us believers. But, in these days, with the help of cosmology and other disciplines, they are analyzed in the Universal Cosmological Model and made clear. It is this analysis that I bring you in this publication.

I.1.1. About the origin of the Universe

So far, there is no scientific model that has clearly addressed the question about the origin of the Universe. The majority of scientific models support the Big Bang as the beginning of everything (space and time). Some astrophysicists have rejected the Big-bang theory to assert that there was a pre-Big-bang without touching the origins of the Universe. This remains as a blur for everyone so that the French physicist and philosopher Etienne Klein said in his book "The Discourse on the Origin of the Universe": "Among all the questions that we ask ourselves about the universe, the question of the beginning is the most dizzying, the most intriguing too.

For the religion also, to ask questions on the origin of the universe; it is borrowed the way of the madness. One understands why since the antiquity until today, this question remained pending.

Astrophysicists are now counting on the analysis of the images that the James Webb Telescope, which cost NASA more than ten billion dollars, will send us. But, one cannot better analyze an image of the deep sky if one is theoretically limited. However, everyone's idea seems to be limited to the Big-bang without going below. And yet, with only 1 $ to buy a Bible or the Torah or the Koran, astrophysicists will have in their hands the complete scheme of the Universe as described by Moses or Moussa. They will only have to study the parameters.

As we have said, the question of the origin of the Universe does not find clear answers in science. No one trusting in God, no one wanted to question the Bible, which describes the scheme of creation as a fairy tale. And yet the Bible is the only book to have answered this question since 1500 BC. This answer will surprise all scientists, at least those who read the articles published in this forum.

What does the Bible say about the origin or the beginning of the Universe? We will base ourselves on three versions of the Bible. The first one used by the Catholics, the second one used by the Protestants and the third one which has been abandoned in the archives.

Gen 1:1-2: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was empty and waste...That was the first day. (Jerusalem Version)
Gen 1:1-2: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty... That was the first day. (Louis Segond Version)
Gen 1:1-2: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void... That was the first day. (Septuagint Version)

Among the three versions above, the most original version is the Septuagint version which is abandoned in the archives. It is the first version that was translated from Hebrew into Greek in 270 BC by the Jews themselves. The other versions, wondering how an earth could be invisible, began to put their comments without knowing that they were departing from the truth.

In fact, by speaking of the creation of the earth on the first day, the author wanted to specify that it was not the planet earth. As the word "Universe" was not used at the time (1500 years BC) and to make the difference with our planet Earth, he issued a definition namely "The earth was invisible and empty".
Our planet Earth is visible and has a form. Even smoke or steam can be photographed and we can see their shape when we photograph them. But here we are told about an invisible, formless, empty and vague earth. This is simply to say that something that has no form is like a colorless gas that cannot be seen. It is like air; who can tell its form in the void? And yet it is there, invisible, although it is composed of matter (particles).

The word "vacuum" has a different meaning for astrophysicists than for theologians. This is why I said that the study of the biblical scheme of creation also requires the participation of astrophysicists. If an astrophysicist is told that a star is invisible, he will know immediately that this star is composed of particles so that it appears to be empty to a witness. Hence the verse "an invisible and empty earth" defining the Universe at its beginning.
The earth is composed of matter. By speaking of an invisible and empty earth, the author of the biblical creation diagram simply wanted to tell us that at the beginning the Universe was composed of invisible matter, so that it seemed to be empty. It is difficult for theologians and common mortals to understand that there is content in an invisible body, but for astrophysicists, they know that such matter could only be particles.

It is said that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, but this earth was formless and empty. A thing that is formless and empty is like a gas that can be felt but not seen and therefore cannot be given a form. Here, the author wants to tell us that the Universe was only an empty sphere, filled only with energy (the spirit of God). According to science, the vacuum - vacuum or absolute vacuum does not exist, there is always energy (Quantum vacuum - Wikipedia ( It is this filling of energy and particles that showed that we were in a physical sphere called "invisible and empty earth", compared to the spiritual sphere known as the "heavens" (Gen 1:1).

Therefore, compared to all scientific models, the Bible is the only one to say with authority that the universe, which it called "invisible and empty earth", began in a vacuum and was filled with an invisible matter. It is the presence of particles in the Universe (the earth) which also seemed to be invisible that differentiate it with the spiritual world (the heavens) which is also invisible in the verse "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was formless and empty".

I.1.2. The harmony between science and religion on the origin of the universe

The title of my publication is "The origin of the universe according to the harmony between science and religion". I did not refer to science to understand what it means "an invisible and empty earth". This is how the universe was defined 1500 years ago. So no one can call me a concordist.
Without referring also to the Bible, some scientists have come to the same conclusion while waiting for science to approve them. They can already rejoice in having reached the same conclusion as the biblical scheme of creation, restored in the Universal Cosmological Model.

I discovered the analysis of these scientists only after my own discovery in the Bible that the Universe began in a vacuum as one of the stages of its creation. Among these scientists, we have Professor Lawrence Krauss and the Italian physicist Gabriele Veneziano. The description that the Italian physicist Gabriele Veneziano made captivated me more. It is really a scientific development of the biblical scheme of creation.

In fact, according to the Italian physicist Gabriele Veneziano, inventor of the string model: "the Universe comes from an infinite vacuum and was filled with particles" (Cfr: ). At this stage, for a fictitious witness, the universe can only be invisible and empty as the Bible says.

As a scientist, to say that the universe comes from an infinite void, nobody will be able to condemn it. But, for believers, the infinite represents God and the universe whose name did not exist at the time was qualified as an invisible earth in the Septuagint Bible. Despite the difference in the words used, we can see that the basic idea is the same. This is also reflected in the title of this publication.

So, from today, let everyone know that the earth spoken of in the first verse of the Bible on the first day represents the Universe (Gen 1:1-2). And, through the scientific development made by the Italian scientist Gabriele Veneziano in the link above, we discover that this answers the observations, even if the scientists have not yet validated it because they stick to the Big-bang.

Discovering that according to the Bible, the Universe began in a vacuum is a major discovery and a great prediction for scientists (astrophysicists) who will now undertake extensive research. Why? Because the Bible has just revealed to them what they did not know.

Flavien Phanzu Mwaka - Auteur Librinova › auteur

- Inventor of Astrotheology and the Universal Cosmological Model
- Author of the books of the collection "verses of the scholars" and "Astrotheology".

How to quote from this article:

- Flavien PHANZU MWAKA, Cosmology According to Biblical and Ancient Models, éd. Librinova, Paris

- Flavien PHANZU MWAKA, big-bang-to-humankind, ed. Librinova, Paris, 2022.
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