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Date d'inscription : 06/07/2022


Mar 26 Juil - 6:54
The Universal Cosmological Model, which is the updated or scientific rendition of the biblical scheme of creation, is derived from Cosmology and the Principle of Creation by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Without the knowledge of these two disciplines, no one can restore the biblical scheme of creation contained in the first two chapters of Genesis.
The Atlas of Religions by Frank Tétart tells us, in his chapter Mapping Religions in the 21st Century, that "in 2015 [...] Christianity has about 32% of the world's population (or 2.2 billion followers), followed by Islam with 23% of followers (1.6 billion), compared to only 10% in 1800, then by Hinduism with 15% of followers (1 billion) and finally Buddhism (7%) or 500 million people. Among the remaining 23%, 16% declare no religious affiliation and the others are divided between ethnic religions (Judaism, Shintoism), minority religions (Sikhism, Jainism, Bahaism, Zoroastrianism) or traditional religions (animism in Africa, America and Asia).
But, it hurts me a lot to see that a group of atheists manage to influence this great number for matters that concern the Universe.

In fact, the judgment that atheists bring on the biblical scheme of creation is very hurtful. They qualify this scheme with all the shocking attributes: myth, fairy tale, funny story, oral tradition, etc. On the side of the believers, this scheme is also considered irrational and some theologians even go so far as to publish that the biblical scheme of creation is a scheme of faith. Hence this saying from the Vatican observatory "the Bible tells us who created the universe and science tells us how he did it".

We know that for believers, the Bible is the expression of the Word of God. In these biblical writings, the first two chapters constitute the outline of the creation and evolution of the universe; from the Origin to man.
One cannot present the scheme of construction of a thing as a scheme based on faith, because, it requires physical structures. Even if this scheme is written down, it cannot be qualified as a philosophical or theological reasoning. In a construction, one puts together constituent elements to achieve results. This is the work of architects.

As for the scheme of the Universe, it is necessary to be an astrophysicist to understand the constitutive elements. And, in astrophysics, the specialized discipline for the study and evolution of the Universe is cosmology.

We all know that the biblical scheme of creation is the first hierarchical cosmological scheme. Often, ancient texts discovered in papyri attract a great deal of interest in knowing what they hide. But the biblical scheme of creation, with all the attributes attributed to it, has been abandoned and is not even mentioned in a debate on religion and science or faith and science.

In principle, this scheme that should serve as a guide, as limits to be reached for the understanding of the Universe by astrophysicists, has been rather thrown in the dustbin. It is relegated to cosmogony, which means an outdated scheme having no logical and rational meaning. Consequently, astrophysicists, putting themselves in the place of the Creator, offer us diagrams of the Universe, whereas the biblical diagram of creation, restored in the Universal Cosmological Model, offers us all the ingredients, despite the fact that it is written with words that were current in 1500 years BC.

Today, science uses new words to present cosmological models. But, has anyone tried to restore this biblical text of the foundation of the universe to its current language? No researcher has bothered to do so, or if he does, it is only to make it worse. The time has come to end this and honor our God by demonstrating that the biblical scheme of creation is complete and logical.

In this scheme, not only does the Bible tell us who created the universe, but it also tells us how he did it even if we don't use science. Often when we try to use science, scientists tell us that we are trying to validate false reasoning. Fortunately for religion, the Abbot Georges Lemaitre put forward the theory of the primitive atom which became the Big Bang theory before science confirmed it. And, even now, I am proud to have discovered the description of the pre-Big Bang sphere in the Bible before a telescope confirmed it. If the idea of the primitive atom and the description of the pre-big-bang were first followed by a scientific confirmation, we would have been called concordists.
Who am I? My name is Flavien PHANZU MWAKA, of Congolese nationality (DRC). Self-taught cosmologist and amateur astronomer. I am the inventor of the Universal Cosmological Model, which can be defined as the scientific restitution of the biblical scheme of creation. I am also the inventor of modern Astrotheology.
Astrotheology or the science that allowed me to invent the Universal Cosmological Model comes from astronomy and theology. It is a new discipline in project which requires the contribution of all intellectuals. In this discipline, we try to gather the elementary and theoretical notions of cosmology to teach it to theologians in order to allow them to understand the Universe instead of debating on terms they do not understand. In fact, the introduction of scientific disciplines in the United States into theology is already under debate. With astrotheology, it is not a question of imposing the opinions of scientists on them, but of offering students notions that can enable them to undertake the research themselves, and to intervene in the debates between religion and science with logical notions rather than with arguments based on faith.

Since the biblical scheme of creation was written 3500 years ago, I am the only researcher who has spent more time to study and decipher it in an objective way. Although it is thanks to science that we are able to understand it, I was surprised to discover that the biblical scheme of creation is more complete than all the schemes that scientists have brandished to date. As I said, its rendition in updated language is called "The Universal Cosmological Model".
The scientific basis of the Universal Cosmological Model will be confirmed only if NASA votes again a budget for the construction of a telescope more than Planck, whose mission ended in 2018. It is the analysis of the images of this future telescope against my prediction that will reveal that the cosmological background comes from the pre-Big Bang, even if it was confined to the condensed universe. Moreover, the cosmological background brings back a lot of information about the Pre-Big Bang. It is all this information that will confirm that the biblical creation scheme as rendered in the Universal Cosmological Model is well founded.
Thus, instead of calling the scheme of the biblical creation the "biblical model", and to avoid the word "bible" of judgments, I have made of my restitution a cosmological model called "The Universal Cosmological Model". Thus, a judgment such as The Universal Cosmological Model is not true is better accepted than waiting for someone to discredit the word "Bible".

Thus, as I have said, The Universal Cosmological Model can be defined as the rendition of the biblical creation scheme. This model is enriched by other schemes contained in the sacred books and ancient philosophies. This model from the Bible does not revolutionize the current cosmological models, but, on the contrary, integrates them. Compared to the standard model where all the scientific observations are poured, the Universal Cosmological Model joins to it the studies on the sphere of the Before Big-bang. It is understood that the Universal Cosmological Model is more complete than the whole model. This is due to the fact that the biblical scheme of creation speaks of the evolution of the universe, from the origin to man, who is recognized biblically and scientifically as the last creature. The Universal Cosmological Model offers a scientific, i.e. logical, rendition of this scheme.
Having spent more than ten years to decipher the biblical scheme of creation, I have brought the results in my books which are part of the most discoveries of cosmology in the XXI century. The description of the pre-Big Bang sphere in the Bible is unprecedented. I have only reproduced it in the Universal Cosmological Model contained in my publications and books. It should also be pointed out that the Universal Cosmological Model is already being fought by both religious people (conservative theologians) and scientists who do not want to wait for theories that justify the biblical realities.

Who knew before my publications that the biblical scheme of creation describes how the Universe began from the Pre-Big-Bang, through the Big-Bang to the formation of man? There is no scientific scheme that started to describe the Universe in such a low sphere to go to such a high sphere.
For those who cannot afford my books in this link : Flavien Phanzu Mwaka - Auteur Librinova, I had already started to publish in this group, step by step, the origin and evolution of the Universe until the formation of man.
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